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Our Mission

Butler & Associates is committed to giving our clients
the competitive edge they need to achieve
by providing outstanding customer service in a
timely and cost effective manner. Our vision is to
decrease the number of nonmeritorious cases in the
legal system thereby reducing the financial burden
to taxpayers.


Risk Free Guarantee

Butler & Associates unconditionally guarantees its
work product and services. If you are not satisfied,
and submit a written complaint to Butler& Associates
within 15 business days of receipt of the work
product, we will attempt to complete the work
product to your satisfaction within 7 business days.
If modification of the work product still does not meet
your expectations, Butler & Associates will provide
a complete refund of your payment.

"I liked that you were able to personalize to our specific policies/procedures. The nurses all felt that the training was
helpful. Thanks so much!"
- Christy D.

Would you like to have the competitive edge you need to win your next
case? Why waste valuable time and resources on medical and nursing
issues when Butler & Associates can provide the services you need,
enabling you to focus on the legal issues and develop your case more
quickly and cost effectively.

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