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Why Hire a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

Would you like to have the competitive edge you need to win
your next case?
Why waste valuable time and resources on medical
and nursing issues when Butler & Associates can provide the services
you need to enable you to focus on the legal issues to develop your
case more quickly and cost effectively.

Medical-Legal Services include:

  • Organizing medical records
  • Reviewing and screening a case for merit, conserving your time
    and resources
  • Preparing chronologies, timelines, and reports concerning your
  • Reviewing and analyzing medical records for deviations from
    standards of care that may affect the outcome of your case
    Summarizing, translating, and interpreting medical records and
    preparing brief opinion reports to strengthen your position
    Identifying additional documents that may be essential to
    developing your case
  • Locating testifying experts who are able to provide authoritative
  • Detecting possible tampering of medical records which could
    greatly impact the outcome of your case
  • Providing necessary education regarding healthcare issues
    relevant to your case
  • Auditing medical records for compliance issues
    Conducting research and incorporating findings into case
  • Assessing alleged injuries and damages to assist with
    determining causation

Education Services include:

  • CPR certification and recertification
  • Documentation training
  • Manual evaluation of 21 skills for certified nursing assistants
  • Fees are determined by type of class, travel distance and class
  • Special pricing is available for large groups. Please contact us.




Ask yourself these questions to determine if Butler & Associates
could increase your profitability:

Will you be able to determine what pieces of documentation should be
included in the medical record? 

Nurses read the medical record from front to back. We
recognize very quickly the absence of important information. 

How quickly can you detect tampering in the medical record?

Tampering can drastically change the outcome of your
case. Our specialized CLNC training not only enables us to
detect tampering but allows us to quickly locate the forensic
experts needed to review your case.

Are you able to understand and translate medical abbreviations and

With over 20 years experience we are adept at reading and
translating even nearly illegible documentation. We are also
qualified to do case screenings, allowing you to spend time
and energy on meritorious cases.

Are you aware that a CLNC is much more cost effective than a physician?

As a result of our extensive clinical experience, we are very
familiar with both medical and nursing standards of care, while
physicians may not recognize deviations from nursing
standards of care.

Can you translate the complex medical issues of the case into information
that is easily understood by both you and the jurors? 

Educating comes naturally to the nurses at Butler &
Associates. As nurses we have spent much of our careers
teaching both patients and students about medical conditions
and procedures in a way that is easy for them to understand. 

How much time do your spend locating and interviewing expert

As a member of a national network of certified legal nurse
consultants we have access to a comprehensive network of
experts in every area of healthcare.

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